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Yes.  We always recommend demoing BEFORE your commit to a Gaming System.  You can always ask us for a Demo of the software.

We are on your side and want you to be profitable with the best Gaming System for you.  If you choose a Gaming System that doesn’t work for your specific situation, we will of course try to solve the situation.  If software issue cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, together we will:

  1. Come up with plan of which system to move balance (given all rates are different, transfer may not be on a 1:1 ratio)
  2. You close out all of your customer accounts
  3. Balance is transferred to new system


Closing out can take up to a week since you will need to give notice all your customers.

Contact us! From there, together we will:

  1. Help you find the Gaming System(s) that work for you
  2. Apply for mapping
  3. Complete Software Agreement
  4. Receive login(s) for software (always before you pay)
  5. Purchase for software use (if necessary)
  6. Start earning

It is that simple. Most of the time, approvals take about 24-48 hours for approval.

Mapping is where the manufacture approves or denies a location for use of their Gaming System. Most Gaming Systems have a restriction on how close operators can be to each other, while others don’t. Mapping is a requirement from the Manufactures.  Average is 24-72 during business days for approval.

A Gaming System is a complete suite to manage the promotional gaming side of the business.  Comes with:

  • Point of Sale – For you to complete Sales, Redemptions, Reports, etc
  • Gaming Suite – Complete fleet of games all with unique features and design
  • Jackpot Display – A special set of prizes in addition to normal game prizes

This refers to exactly where the Gaming System’s software is located.

Web/Cloud Based software is hosted on a remote server accessible via the Cloud.  Almost all new Gaming Systems are Web Based.


  • No Maintenance
  • Upgrades are fast
  • Data stored remotely
  • Accessible wherever there is internet access


  • Cannot access System without the internet

Server Based is stored on site at the exact location where the business is located. If a system has high graphics, the software may be


  • Can work without Internet


  • Requires an actual install
  • More expensive to setup


A little history, when the promotional gaming industry started in 2003, all systems were server based because of the lack of technology, in todays world where everyone has a smart phone, and internet is everywhere, we are now seeing that almost all systems are moving to web based.  

Net Revenue is the Dollar amount you are left over with after all prizes have been redeemed.  Example: If a business has $100 in sales, and $60 in prizes, then you are left with $40. In this scenario, the Net Revenue is $40.  

Hold is the Percentage you are left over with after all prizes have been redeemed.  Example: If a business has $100 in sales, and $60 in prizes, then you are left with $40. In this scenario, the Hold is 40%.  

Factors that can have an impact with raising or lowering your hold from most to least are:

  • Gaming System chosen
  • Promotions
  • Redemption policy
  • Customer Type

Over a month or so the hold will level out, but expect volatility on a day to day basis.  Most systems average between 30-50%.

We have many payment options.  After you complete the software agreement, you will be emailed an invoice from [email protected]. On this invoice the different payment methods will be listed.

Credits are generally applied within 30 minutes of payment.

More info about this: Payments Page (Click Here)

A store owner purchases points, basically the number of sales his store can do.

Example: A Store owner invests $100 for 400 of points.  The points are what the Store Owner sell and redeem to your customers.  If a customer purchases $20 from you, then 20 points are removed from your points balance of 400. The customer then plays out the points. Each game is different, every spin or move costs the player points some times 1 sometimes 20. When your customers win a prize, they can either continue playing until no points are left, or redeem their winnings. So let’s say one of your customers choose to redeem 5. The store owner would redeem the customer the 5 points and the system would then add 5 to the existing balance in the store owner’s bank of points. (Starting points) 400 – 20 (sale) + 5 (redeemed) = 385 left in credits.

This accounting method is where you pay for the use after you made profit.  The billing period is Monday 5AM – Monday 5AM.  Monday or Tuesday you will receive your invoice via email.  We ask that you complete the invoices when you receive them as you have already earned the revenue from the previous week.

The invoiced amount is based on your Net Revenue (See other FAQ for this).  Contact us for exact terms as they vary from System to System depending on your choice.  If you aren’t set up with us yet, click here.

Promotions are features built into the different Gaming Systems.  Promotions are designed to give your players freebies.  If you use one of the built in Promotions, the Gaming System does not charge for use.  Here are some of the Promotions available:

  • Free 100 – This awards a free amount of points to a player’s account.  Usually no purchase is tied to this
  • Cashback – Awards extra points to a players account if they reach a minimal balance without redeeming
  • Bounceback – Purchase Promotions such as 500 free with $20 purchase
  • Referrals – Rewards customers for bringing you other spending customers

Promotions do vary from Gaming System to Gaming System.  Not all Promotions are the same from system to system, or available on each Gaming System.  

If you use promotions that are built into the system, then you are not charged for those points.  

If you choose to give points to your players by doing your own promotion (one that isn’t built in), the manufactures/developers do charge for those points.

Compliance settings are different modes that Gaming Systems can be set to to fit within the various laws.  Some examples are:

  • Skill – Allows players the opportunity to influence the outcome
  • Pre Reveal – Mostly this feature allows the player to see a game result before they do the spin.  There are many different types of pre reveal out there

Some territories require different settings to operate.  You should always consult your attorney to ensure the proper system settings and use.

Our software is FREE. We only charge you for the credits that you need to use the system. Please contact us for rates.  Some Systems offer volume discounts you can discuss with us. No up front costs or ongoing maintenance costs.

NO.  There is no Back Office or Setup fee associated with any of the gaming systems we distribute.  The only costs involved are what the manufacture’s charge.  Some charge upfront for points, some charge after for points.  Depends on the product you choose, but there is no Back Office or Setup fee.

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