Empire Skillz


Ultra Monster and Golden Dragon look identical...so...what is the difference?

When comparing the two Gaming Systems, they both offer:

  • Customers can play on any Browser
  • Dozens of engaging games with fantastic graphics
  • In Game Missions
  • Gift Boxes

Why Choose Ultra Monster over Golden Dragon?

  • 17 additional Fishing Games
  • Has Table Games
  • Better Priced and Hold
  • Easier and Faster to get started
    • Golden Dragon is restricted in about half of the United States, requires documentation, and can take weeks for approval
  • In addition to playing the games through a URL, Ultra Monster also has an iOS App and Android App

Why Choose Golden Dragon over Ultra Monster?

  • 2 additional Slot Style Games
  • Longer established product
  • Has a following

Currently in the market…

Golden Dragon has more of the market share as they have been around longer, but Ultra Monster is growing FAST in popularity!  Decide for yourself today!

If you don’t have a distributor, please click the contact us button below to get setup.

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