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There are dozens and dozens of Promotional Gaming Systems available to you.  Choosing the right one(s) based on your particular territory, customer demographics, business type is key.  Below are the most popular Gaming Systems.  More products are always being added.  For questions on any of the products listed (or not listed) please reach out to us and we will have a distributor help you with choosing the right Gaming System for you.

Ultra Monster

Ultra Monster is a new Gaming System. This software is meant to compete directly with Golden Dragon. Fantastic Gaming System.

Fortune 2 Go

One of the newest gaming systems. Has many built in features that help automate the business. Your customers will enjoy the interface.


Riversweeps is one of the veterans in the industry. Always coming out with cutting edge features to keep the players engaged.

Royal Eagle

Royal Eagle has all the features your customers have been looking for. Dozens of Custom Games, Tournament Mode, Jackpot Display on screen and more.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon has been growing in popularity. Mostly popular in the in store model. Mapping is challenging to get approved with this gaming system.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon is Golden Dragon 2.0 on steroids! From the makers of Golden Dragon come the newest and best. Try some amazing fishing games or check out the best graphics on some of the hottest reel type games around. Your customers will love it!

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon has many reel themed games and very popular Baccarat! A must see System!


VPower is a realtivly new gaming system. Has many exciting graphics and is growing by player demand.

Fire Kirin

Fire Kirin is the FIRST Fishing Game system to mobile. Its games are loved by many customers. Fast gaming and high quality graphics keep your customers coming back for more.

River Monster

River Monster is a modified version of Fire Kirin. Hold is improved and some of the backend is simplified for cashier use.

Tiger is Home

Tiger is Home is an oldie but goodie. This software suite provides classic games your customers have seen before. This system has more cartoon themed artwork, and the customers love it!

X Game (a.k.a. Ocean King)

X Game is a newer version of VPower with upgraded graphics and improved hold.

Milky Way

The Milky Way Online App was created with the players in mind. Your players will love the excitement found in fish table and reel games, you won’t be able to get enough of our completely mobile app!

Touch o Luck

A great new software that recently came out. Guaranteed to fill your customers with many hours of fun and thrills!

Orion Stars

Orion Stars is a newer system to the industry. With flashy graphics and hot games, your players will keep coming back for more. This is a newer version of the Fire Kirin system.

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